Monday, April 11, 2011

Calaveras ITT - slow and painful

Hating life on the TT bike

Just wasn't feeling it on this race.

Early 8:16am start meant very chilly morning. Warmed up for a good 20 min or so but never felt good on the bike. Got off to a decent pace and tried to hold it...HR never really got up to wear it should have been. My quads were burning but my HR barely made it up to LT.

My time was a dismal 26:23, which is about 30 seconds slower than I was last year....and last year I was on my road bike with TT clip ons, no aero wheels, no aero gear! I guarantee that I would have been faster if I had been riding my road bike today. And more comfortable.

I think the problem right now is that my flexibility is really poor, particularly my hamstrings and lower back. As a result, when I get down low into the aero position, my legs are fighting each other every revolution, costing me a ton of power (my power output was 25+ watts lower than last year, even though I am stronger this year).

Now I have to make a options:
  1. Focus a lot of time on increasing flexibility, get a professional bike fit on the TT bike, and before July 30 I'll be able to hold an aero position comfortably for 112mi without significant power loss.
  2. Ditch the TT bike and ride the road bike for triathlon. I have 3 tri events, after which I will most likely stop doing triathlon. After then, if there's a TT I can ride it on the road bike with clip ons, or ride the Eddy Merckx category (no aero gear or wheels allowed)!


Jukka Valkonen said...

Jukka from TO here...
Let's chat about tri given this is my sport. Also, I would recommend you connect with Coach Anthony from Ant's Mind and Body, one of our TO sponsors this year. He's done wonders for my strength and flexibility esp in the TT position.

dan said...

Hey Jukka,
Sounds like you are definitely the guy to talk to about tri, and I more than welcome any tips you might have!